I want you to know that in the universe of being there are two very distinct qualities of love - the human or natural love and God's divine love. It could be said that natural love is the love of the physical world and divine love is the love of the spiritual world.

The love of man or natural love is not sufficient to give the highest degree of happiness that is obtainable, either in the mortal life or in the spirit life. Natural love is of a nature that changes with ones change in ideas and desires, and has no stability that will serve to keep one constant in his affections. Natural love may last for a long time, and sometimes it seems that it can never die or grow less; yet, in its very nature, it has not that constancy to ensure it lasting longer than a moment in time. A mother's love is the strongest of all natural loves given to mortals, and apparently it appears that it can never end or grow old, yet a time may come when this love will cease to retain all its beauty and vitality.

Natural love need not be prayed for or acquired because it is endowed in every human soul at the time of its creation. However, this love is not in its original pristine condition as it first appeared on Earth in the souls of the first man and woman. It has become tainted since their fall and needs to be purified and expressed through kind thoughts and deeds: patience, forgiveness, mercy, generosity and caring. Natural love is the driving force behind all human love - motherly love, brotherly love and its highest expression - soulmate love. These loves are provisions of God that are necessary to enable man to work out his progress through the mortal life and produce the greatest harmony and happiness among mortals as they contend with the difficulties, cares and disappointments of their earthly existences.

Divine love is very different in substance and quality from natural love. It is not a part of the development of human love, but is the essence of God's love, whereas human or natural love is made in the image and likeness of this love. Divine love was never conferred upon man as a perfected gift at the time of creation, but it is one that is waiting to be bestowed to man through his aspirations.

God has always been the same, with the exception of giving his love to man at the time of my appearance on Earth. This was when the Father revealed himself truly in revealing his greatest attribute - divine love, which dwelled in its fullness in my very own soul.

Jesus of the Bible