od created the world and, when I say the world, I mean both the physical and the spiritual worlds. These creations were merely changes in form or composition to what had already existed and will exist forever as elements of the universe. The Earth on which you live did not always have an existence as a planet, neither did the firmament, the great galaxy of planets and stars; but they were not created from nothing, nor was there chaos. In God's economy of being, there is never any chaos; if there were, it would be caused by the absence or failure of God's own laws of harmony, which does not happen.

The first man and the first woman were not made of the dust of the ground, but were made of elements that existed in the universe of a different order than the mere dust of the ground, (Genesis 2:7) and were so created by God for the purpose of forming their physical bodies. They were made at the same time, not one out of the rib of the other. Therefore, the man and the woman are equal in their dignity and in the relationship that they bear to God, and are equal in the sight of God.

The man was created stronger physically than the woman, and he was also given a stronger mentality for the exercise of the reasoning powers. The woman, who has less in these particulars, was given a more spiritual and emotional nature, and was also given an intuition by which she could understand the existence of things just as accurately, and even more quickly, than could the man using his reasoning powers. One was just as the other in respect to the gifts bestowed, and together they were the perfect pair - male and female, created with diverse functions and duties to perform in the perfect workings of God's highest creation.

As the time approaches when man shall return to his former state of purity and harmony with the laws of God, the spiritual qualities will assert themselves and the animal qualities will become subordinated. Then, women will be recognized, not only by the individual man, but also by the man-made laws, as his equal in every particular. Although, in matters of the spiritual, she will be his superior for in the beginning, in this particular, she was his superior.