y disciples and followers did not commence to place my teachings or the experience of my life in manuscript form until many years after I left the Earth. They expected my speedy return, at which time I was to become their king and legislator, hence, they saw no occasion or necessity to preserve in the form of writings the truths in which I had instructed them.

The Bible was compiled from many writings, and compilers in those early times differed in their opinions just as men do now regarding religion and history. The most powerful of these men had authority to declare what should be accepted according to their interpretations of the manuscripts that were being copied. These men put forth copies to be made in accordance with their ideas and, I may say, their desires to attain wealth, power and control over the common people in their beliefs, observances and worship. They, in turn, put forth such reproductions to be true copies of the originals. As these copies were successively made, the preceding ones were destroyed. Hence, the earliest existing writings of the Gospels are based on copies made many years after the original manuscripts were written.

These men of position and power over time became less spiritual than my disciples, hence their thoughts and efforts became centered in building up the Church rather than attempting to develop and preserve my great spiritual teachings. It is for this reason that I have come again to bring to the world my true teachings that have been lost to the consciousness of man for all these centuries.