understand it is expected that I will return to establish a kingdom on Earth and take unto me those whose names are written in the book, and destroy those whose names are not written therein (Revelation 20:12-15). This, however, is not the case, because when I brought to light that God had bestowed upon humanity the great possibility to obtain the divine love, the necessity never arose for the coming of another Messiah.

I never taught that my reign would be an earthly one or that I was to be ‘king of the Jews’ in any other than a spiritual sense. Men do not need me as a visible king, with the powers and armies of the spirit world in visible form to subdue the evil that exists. There is no Satan to fight against me, and, in fact, I am already fighting for the redemption of men's souls. The only devils that are trying to influence mortals to evil thoughts and actions are the spirits of men who once lived on Earth who still retain the evil and wickedness in their hearts.

As a preliminary to the ushering in of this time of peace and purity, man must cease to believe that it will appear with my coming in a manifested physical way, as a mortal conqueror who might come with legions of followers (Jude 14), the noise of drums, the force of arms and greatness of power to subdue my enemies. This will never be, for no man is my enemy, but all are my brothers, and I am not making and never will make war on any human being, but only on the sin and defilement that is within their souls.

I know that it is expected by most Christians that the world will someday come to an end (Mark 13:31). The world, meaning the Earth, will not have an end in the sense of annihilation, but will continue to revolve on its axis, have seed time and harvest and produce and reproduce those things which are necessary to sustain life. It will continue to have its appropriate seasons of heat and cold and move along in its orbit as it now does, until some change, of which I do not know, may come and destroy it. Humans will continue to be born, live a short time and die a physical death; for each individual, the end of the world comes at that death and thereafter their habitation will be in the spirit world.

I must tell you that the kingdom of heaven is a place as well as a condition. There is nothing nebulous or impalpable about the kingdom, or is it a reflection or image of the soul's condition. No, everything in the kingdom is real and substantial and lasting and not subject to decay or deterioration of any kind. The many mansions, of which I spoke, exist in my Father's house (John 14:2), and are real and permanent and not dependent upon the condition of the soul for their existence. Although the condition of the soul does determine where it shall occupy in the spirit world, and from where it will find its harmony and happiness.

There will be a religion of the future, a comprehensive and final one, and it will be founded upon the teachings that I am now sending to the Earth. These teachings will fulfill all the promises of the Scriptures of my Second Coming, and in no other way will I ever come to mortals of the Earth. This religion will be inclusive of all the other religions, so far as the truths that they contain are concerned, with the addition of the greatest of all truths affecting mortals - the New Heart and the transformation of the human soul into the divine by the inflowing of God's divine love.