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The Genuine Jesus - A Chanelled Autobiography

ince his appearance in Palestine more than two-thousand years ago, the story of the man from Galilee has spread to all corners of the world. His life has inspired artists and musicians to reach new heights great houses of worship have been erected to his glory, all in adoration for him having lived a perfect life.

Who, then, was this man? Was he the result of a virgin birth? Is he God incarnate to be worshipped? Did he come to die on a cross for sin? Until now our knowledge of Jesus has come mainly from the Gospels of the Bible, but because they have been translated, copied, and recopied with additions and omissions they cannot be relied upon. But, now there is a new story of his life and of his teachings that were channeled by the Washington, D.C., lawyer James E. Padgett beginning in 1914, through the means of automatic writing from the spirit Jesus.

This was the very year that Jesus was expected to return, and return he did, though not in the anticipated physical way with legions and drums, but in a spiritual way through psychic contact with the lawyer. In The Genuine Jesus he states, that he was not born of a virgin or the second part of a supposed trinity, nor is he God to be worshipped. His death on the cross was not to pay a price for sin, but rather, it was because of sin - the sin that was in the hearts of the rulers and in some of the people.

Jesus is astonished by the doctrine of the vicarious atonement. If it were true that God's plan for the payment of sin was Jesus' shed blood and death, then why is it that those who made it possible - Judas who betrayed him, Pilate, who sentenced him and the Jews who clamored for his death - are not considered to be saviors even in a secondary sense. If it were not for them the alleged ransom could not have been paid, why then, are they considered to be traitors and villains and have gone down in history as such?

Jesus was born to be the Messiah and his mission was to proclaim the creation of a new heavenly realm - a kingdom - high up in the spirit world that God brought into existence at the time of his birth. Jesus’ lost teaching was that through prayer to his heavenly Father - and not to him - one may acquire this kingdom and a soul filled with the essence of God - divine love.

It was in this way, and this way only that Jesus became the Christ, the first true son of God, and the one who would show the way to eternal life in a spiritual kingdom of peace and happiness.

Alan Ross